Thanks to Digitality today we were able to evaluate the degree of digitization of Consilium Hub.

Digitality is the innovative software created by It’s Prodigy, an Italian startup founded by Sano Musab Hijazi and specialized in cutting-edge technological solutions, which with a simple click allows you to discover the degree of digitization of a company by mapping its online presence, positioning on search engines, presence on social channels, overall corporate branding, and much more.

The analysis produced by Digitality collects over 500 KPI values ​​and summarizes the results in a report of over 50 pages. The position paper allows a company to build a business development plan aimed at increasing its presence on the web and on social media and accelerating its digital transition.

We have tried it and we are proud to be among the 10% of Italian companies with the highest score.

Do you also want to know the degree of digitization of your company?
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