“Specialized in the creation of customized business intelligence consulting services, we manage information in complex, emergency and crisis contexts to preserve reputation and optimize communication.


We are an independent company founded in 2002 that designs, manages and implements different levels of services in strategic communication, consultancy and reputational intelligence, achieving tangible and qualitative outcomes.


We emphasize our Clients’ uniqueness and values, using the best techniques and the most suitable communication tools for a distinctive positioning.



We build and manage strategic solutions to boost business development. We work respecting our stakeholders in a fast, reliable and sustainable way with a win-win philosophy.

Reputational Intelligence

We make our Clients grow by understanding and analyzing data and information, offering the best scenario to guide their path towards their scope. We manage crises and emergencies by turning them into opportunities.

For 20 years we have focused on bringing out the distinctiveness of our customers and on identifying prospects for their success and improvement.

We attentively listen to our Client, we translate his needs into actions, making his story memorable and relevant to the public opinion in order to give a boost to his business. Our promise is to go beyond common grounds and expectations and create sustainable, effective and measurable solutions.


We have more than 20 years of experience in business communication and strategic consultancy. Ongoing skills development, passion and dedication drive and support us in achieving solid goals.

Our values ​​are expressed through working in partnership with our Clients, our stakeholders and our people.

We feel responsible for our role: we respect times, cultivate curiosity and face everyday life with a smile.

Our network of relationships allows us to create synergies and opportunities in many different fields. We are trained to use lateral thinking and overcome the obvious and achieve goals.

Have you ever thought about carrying out a risk assessment for your company?

In the current global scenario, it is necessary to be ready and manage crisis situations in real time. Consilium can be your partner in identifying potential risks in order to prevent and address them.

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Our team guided by soft skills, experience and dedication, is able to manage complex projects in a timely, precise and innovative manner.

Journalists, data analysts, content creators, graphic designers, media relations specialists, consultants and partners: each of Consilium’s resources helps meet your needs and make your communications project unique.


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