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At Consilium we promote the values of sustainability, understood as environmental, social and economic well-being; a system asset intended to develop in multiple directions in our activities.

We have a careful and inclusive environmental policy, a commitment to continuous improvement, prevention of contamination and compliance with environmental and social regulatory requirements.

We are committed to these values and have decided to reduce our ecological footprint through a concrete gesture for the society and the environment: the creation of the Poggiovest Eco-Hub. This facility, once completed, will be available to our Clients, stakeholders and our Team to host activities that are complementary and preparatory to Consilium’s core business.

Poggiovest panorama
poggiovest casa
Poggiovest tramonto


An enchanting place located between the Bossoleta, Prati and Presa regions of Rivalta Bormida, nestled in the typical agricultural setting of Alto Monferrato, among vineyards and hazel groves as far as the eye can see. In the setting of a Unesco World Heritage natural oasis, this spot is surrounded by a forest, a truffle farm, a hazel grove and a vegetable garden.

It’s the green lung that we preserve and give to current and future generations, an ecosystem that can contribute to the abatement of more than 50 tons of Co2 per year, where to embark on paths that benefit professional life and personal development.

Sustainable management of natural resources is crucial to maintaining the biological richness of the Monferrato region, and the Poggiovest area aims to be a virtuous example of this. Our goal is to make this property totally self-sufficient through concrete actions: attention to the cultivation of native plants, vegetables and fruits by eliminating the use of harmful substances, recycling of waste materials, use of a photovoltaic system capable of feeding energy into the grid and meeting all the energy needs of the structure.

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