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Dussmann Italy

The facility management company specialized in sanitation, food catering, safety and maintenance services.

This German facility management company supplies sanitation, food catering, safety and technical services for public and private hospitals and clinics for the elderly, school canteens, railway transport.

Brebemi traffico


Increase the correct circulating of information with interviews, articles on national and local newspapers, TV appearances with a view to offer news related to current events. Respond to fake news with fact-based contents. Create a cross-media effect through proactive social media management.


Media relations & press office

Consolidate Dussmann brand through targeted media and PR relations and position the company as one of the leaders in creating culture in the facility management sector.

Crisis communication

Monitor the media landscape and activate the crisis protocol so as to control as best as possible the circulating information in order to be ready and responsive in the event of a crisis.

Conversation monitoring has highlighted the most relevant consumer issues, important to adjust the company strategy.

Social media management

Management and activation of different channels, creation of contents and drafting of the editorial plan. Linkedin contents and tone of voice are aimed at B2B targets, while Instagram and Facebook are addressed at the B2C target. The fan base of all channels is constantly growing as well as the interactions with the contents.

Graphic design

Support the company in the creation of communication material such as: videos, info graphics, presentations.


Branding campaigns

Creation of off and online campaigns, such as on “Il Mattino di Padova”. The aim of this activity was to inform territory and targets on the company vision and mission.


30.000 users reached in the press

200.000 users reach with digital adv

Social media management

For each social channel, a dedicated editorial plan has been drawn up capable of generating engagement with the community. The content and tone of voice used for LinkedIn are aimed at B2B while Instagram and Facebook involve the B2C target. The fan base of all channels is constantly growing as the interaction with the content.


The reputation of Dussmann Service has grown considerably over the years, with the shared efforts of both the marketing and communication team and the contribution of the media and public relations. The careful management of critical information has extended the positioning in favour of better corporate image and business results.


users reached each month on facebook




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