The Impact of AI in Organizations: Consilium’s contribution to REDOPEN event

The Impact of AI in Organizations: Consilium’s contribution to REDOPEN event

Consilium took part in the event “How does the organization change with AI?” organized by REDOPEN at the University of Milano-Bicocca. It was the second meeting of the AI Digital Sonar project, supported by Haier Europe and Arlati Ghislandi, during which perspectives and challenges in the stable and responsible integration of AI in the organizational, production and communication flows of Italian companies were discussed. An example of how research and business can merge to promote responsible and informed adoption of artificial intelligence.

The meeting was also the occasion for the presentation of the volume “Assessing Artificial Intelligence. An Introductory Overview of AI Standards and Impact Assessments,” the first public contribution, edited by REDOPEN Factory, whose goal is to help proactively initiate a process of widespread awareness among people, and especially among those who make decisions, use, apply, and design AI technologies.

In addition to speeches by various industry experts, entrepreneurs and innovators, there was also a talk by Enea Nepentini, Founding Partner of Consilium Comunicazione, with the report “AI in Information Management in Complex and Critical Situations,” who contributed to the discussion by recounting his own experience and the procedures implemented by the agency to improve the effectiveness of marketing and communication strategies and embrace innovation.

Crisis communication and reputational intelligence in the time of AI present new challenges and opportunities for organizations. New scenarios are opening up that impact the way workflow is managed, offering powerful tools to improve emergency management.

The path of experimentation and application of Chatgpt and Gemini in Consilium goes in the direction of integrating the tools in an intelligent, ethical and responsible way toward the maximum expression and improvement of our services.