An event by the Senza Veli sulla lingua Association

An event dedicated to drugs and getting out of addiction was held yesterday Monday, January 15, 2024, at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan. A meeting part of the “No more Silence” Project dedicated to schools, by SVSL (Senza Veli sulla Lingua), an association that fights for gender equality, against violence against women, which also promotes the development of greater awareness of primary and secondary school students, in collaboration with the Lombardy Region. To do this, the association organizes, throughout the country, meetings with testimonies from people who have lived through difficult experiences themselves, for the formation of culture and knowledge.

Each event, included within the Project, aims to analyze the psychological, legal and sociological side of the subject matter, touching on points of extreme topicality. In the meeting, faced with the drama of the percentages related to young students who use drugs, there were questions about the causes, consequences, including criminal ones, and hypotheses of paths of “exit from the tunnel.”

Speakers present at the event

Among the guests were Sonia Bedeschi. Speakers included Ebla Ahmed, national president of the Senza Veli sulla Lingua Association; Giorgia Benusiglio, author of the book “Vuoi trasgredire? Non Fart I,” who firsthand entered the abyss of addiction and after risking her own life decided to dedicate it to raising awareness on the issue; Silvia Bassi, a psychologist who is an expert in criminology and clinical and forensic psychodiagnostics; and Giuseppe Lanfranco, legal counselor, who detailed the legal consequences to which one incurs in using or being found in possession of drugs.

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