This morning we are at the Foreign Press Association in Rome for the press conference of EEQF, Enjoy European Quality food, the project co-financed by the EU for the enhancement of certified quality Italian food products, in particular wine, oil and cheeses.

The round table, moderated by the sommelier and food and wine communicator Adua Villa, was dedicated to the theme of Made in Italy at the table between territorial identity, sustainability and the market: challenges and opportunities. Cesare Baldrighi, President of Origin Italia, Elvira Bortolomiol, Councilor Federdoc, and Libero Stradiotti, Project Manager EEQF discussed it.

Also speaking on behalf of the government were the Hon. Marco Cerreto, Group Leader FDI XIII Agriculture Commission, and the Hon. Alberto Gusmeroli, President of the X Commission for Productive Activities, Commerce and Tourism, who underlined the government’s commitment to protect and enhance the identity of Italian certified products also and above all abroad.

The protagonists of the project are the six Consortia, whose work and value were told by their respective representatives during the event.

The morning ended with a direct experience of tasting the products with a cold tasting and a menu with pairing of dishes and wines.

We at Consilium are very happy with the positive outcome of this rich event, the organization of which we have entirely taken care of. Thanks to the project partners, the moderator, the speakers, the association that hosted us, and the government representatives for their important contribution.

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