Despite galloping inflation, the food industry in 2022 will continue to report positive growth in turnover of 12%, while the increase in exports will settle at +16%.

These are the data that emerged from the Food Industry Monitor of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and Ceresio Investors: the Italian observatory on the food & beverage sector which analyzes the performance of over 850 companies operating in 15 sectors.

In the Nuovo Mondo Economico article, Professor Carmine Garzia, scientific director of the Observatory, commented: «the inflation issue remains central to understanding how the second half of 2023 and 2024 will evolve, as a significant erosion of the power of The purchase of families would lead to a reduction in growth”.

While Gabriele Corte, General Manager of Ceresio Investors, underlined: «We must look at new companies with great interest because they will provide the lifeblood that will fuel the development of the sector in the near future. New businesses are not only an engine of growth, but also an agent of change and renewal of business models. Our research highlights how large companies are increasingly open to strategic alliances with start-ups in which they invest significant economic resources”.

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